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The team behind Student Destinations has diverse backgrounds heading in various directions. The reality is there is no right answer to living one’s life. Collectively the development team tried to pinpoint a universal equation that is applicable to every young Canadian for success. After reviewing every financial equation, reading several motivational books, and mastering time management; the following equation came to mind that was generally accepted by everyone:

Happiness is almost impossible to measure; therefore, we have created a ratio that would help determine the most effective measure of Happiness:

We are all different, where no two individuals have identical goals and interests. What might be considered a perfect life for someone might only be consider a starting point for someone else.

Regardless of the destination of one’s goal, each path shares the same fundamental principle ~ to be financially independent and free of dependency on any consumer credit/debt. Financial obligations are one of the main causes for individuals to make substantial sacrifices and even forego opportunities to pursue a better life. The advice given on Student Destinations is for the benefit of its guests as there isn’t any bias to the information provided on this site.


Team Members

Founders of Student Destinations

Randy Alvarez Developer

Developing smartphone apps for Student Destinations and coordinates various sweepstakes.

Rafael Reis Financial Strategist

College professor, freelance consultant, world traveler, amateur pugilist.

Creator of several personal finance applications and publications. Rafael strives to deliver informative