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As the old saying goes, “People learn best from their mistakes”; unfortunately, living by this philosophy could be costly and potentially dangerous when planning the rest of your life. Student Destinations is a resource for young Canadians, and even Canadians young at heart, to help identify where they are today, where they would like to go, and how they could get there.

Created in 2012, the owners of Student Destinations wanted to build a site where individuals could reference, learn, share, and begin or revise their plans to achieve their ultimate goals in life. Everyone is different; however, success universally derives from being able to do what you love to do without constraints or obligations. A word of caution, one does not need to be rich to be successful, but they need to be wealthy.

The planning process through Student Destinations:

Navigating through life without a map can be difficult. Although no two people are alike, there are similar steps necessary for success.

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