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The war on financial literacy cannot be won by a few. We want to work within a larger community to promote financial literacy across Canada. We are hoping to create solid relationships with various organizations that help contribute to the betterment of the livelihood of Canadians in general. Student Destinations is not just for today’s youth, we offer advice for people of all ages.

What is needed to be apart of our team?

We are looking for individuals, businesses, and even non profit organizations to help us build a foundation that gives Canadians access to financial literacy with ease. Our long-term goal is to develop a library of apps, publications, and even offer free courses online to help those in need of improving their financial situation.

If any of the following apply to you, please feel free to send us an email ( to arrange a meeting:

  • Developing or delivering relevant money management education material that our team can use to draft articles, info graphics, documentaries, and interviews.
  • Representing a cause that needs additional public awareness.
  • Offering credible advice that can be shared with many while giving yourself and/or your company recognition
  • Expressing interest in being apart of a rapidly changing market where traditional advice is becoming obsolete.
  • Operating a business that offers a product and/or service that is becoming a dire necessity to today’s world.
  • Exploring new platforms to teach relevant, reliable financial literacy topics that could benefit many.
  • Displaying your current posts/articles/illustrations/animations/memes to reach new markets (it doesn’t hurt to share articles that have been previously posted.

Student Destinations is actively developing smartphone/tablet applications within various financial sectors to help finance their operations allowing us to offer free financial resources for Canadians. Our team is ambitious and we are determined to provide a wide range of services within our site.

Without the help of others, reaching our goal to help eliminate financial illiteracy will take much longer where the damages for many can be irrevocable. We believe aligning ourselves with the right companies can exponentially increase our reach.

The time to act is now. We offer unbiased financial advice as our audience has diverse needs. Joining our cause could be the best investment of time.

What could you get from joining our fight?

We are currently growing our operations; however, we feel with the campaigns launching within the next year you may reap the following benefits:

  1. Brand penetration in new markets
  2. Additional traffic to your website(s) and social media pages though links and banner ads on our site
  3. New business generated from our referral program
  4. A sense of accomplishment being apart of the solution Canadians need to master their personal and/or small business finances
  5. And much more!

As long as there is the internet we hope to continue building our presence online engaging various interest groups as well as the general public.