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As the year gets closer to the holidays, we will begin producing our online magazine filled with useful information to help Canadians manage their personal finances and everyday life. For now we would like to offer the following services:

You can subscribe to Student Destinations daily newsletter “Millennial Destinations”:

If you subscribe to Millennial Destinations, a daily newsletter will be sent to your email with headlines covering campus life across Canada, small business solutions, and other fun topics.

We also try to post fresh blogs on a weekly basis within the following topics click on the icons):

We are actively reaching out to various publications to work together to make a great online magazine. We would love to hear from the non profit sector, small business owners, student associations, and any financial professional wishing to share their knowledge. At Student Destinations, we are continuously striving to deliver quality information to help you master financial literacy.

Stay tuned! It is going to be worth the wait.