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Not the same plan as Mom and Dad

A phenomenon has occurred in the early years of the 21st Century regarding financial planning. The problem is that many people don’t know where to go to adapt to these recent changes. We have compiled various alternative financial planning strategies that addresses the changing needs of today’s generation finishing school, entering the workforce, changing their career path, and even postponing retirement indefinitely.

For many, gone are the days of finishing school, securing a job shortly after where you will work until retirement. For those living within the 21st Century, many will have to consider long-term savings sooner, as well making wiser financial decisions; as making the wrong decision could take decades to recover from. Few will be fortunate to have an employed sponsored pensions program, let alone having the job security throughout the term of their mortgage.

We are working with industry professionals to develop material that our guests can used to build their long-term plans. Through various avenues, our goal is to create free online courses that teach various financial topics; as well as crucial life planning skills.

Establishing an online platform that is accessible to all Canadians is a high priority for us. We hope to have classes available as early as January 2015. Through sponsorship, Student Destinations will be hitting the road visiting towns/cities across Canada offering free workshops.


Goal: To provide free online courses and workshops across Canada
Target Date: January 2015