Financial Literacy Month

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Financial Literacy Month

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The Countdown Begins

November is Financial Literacy Month and Student Destinations will be showcasing several personal finance topics daily in the month of November. As well, we will be offering small business solutions for those currently running their own business and even those wishing to make the leap. Many are unaware that November is Financial Literacy month, even though many institutions advertise they are actively involved.

We want to work with various stakeholders to ensure the 2014 Financial Literacy Month has credible information to help Canadians improve their financial situation. Leading up into November, Student Destinations will be contacting various media outlets to ensure the entire month of November as adequate financial topics being discussed.

One of our long-term goals is to provide state of the art software within the schooling system. With the current cutbacks in education we have created an unique design that will be cost efficient for school boards across Canada. As well, we want to offer our services to parents wishing to teach their children the merits of making good financial decisions.


Goal: To build awareness that better financial tools are desperately needed in the schooling system. Leveraging Canadian tech companies to deliver groundbreaking tools that will not cost the Canadian taxpayer. A successful conclusion will involve an open forum for Canadian tech companies to present their solutions to the government.