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Every Vote Counts

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Not voting will only cause more harm

Analysts are constantly concluding that millennials are not being represented at all during most campaign trails. With the Federal Election scheduled next year, Canadian youths are being encouraged to get involved in the upcoming elections. There is enough time for millennials to raise key issues that are currently being ignored.

Student Destinations will be rolling up their sleeves to ask candidates the tough questions, while broadcasting various interviews before the polls open at the end of 2015. The power of social media has showcased the general concerns of many younger Canadians; unfortunately, committees and causes have been created pitting millennials against baby boomers.

Realistically, nothing will ever be done if the voting population doesn’t show up. Our ‘Every Vote Counts’ campaign will start on October 19, 2014, one calendar year before the 42nd Canadian Federal Election. Members from Student Destinations will be reaching out to various candidates to ask the hard questions regarding Canada’s future (i.e. The future of CPP and OAS for millennials, job creation and stability in the future, etc.).

Through various platforms, we hope to make #CanadaTomorrow a trending topic that will entice partaking in the next Federal Election to be apart of the national conversation. Our goal is to help provide unbiased information for those who don’t vote to make a well informed decision.

Goal: To instill confidence in the Canadian voter to ensure they understand what they are voting for. As well, that the job of a voter doesn’t end at the polls, rather getting Canadians more involved with the MPs that were elected.
Deliverables: Informative brochures, info graphics, and videos showcasing various topics of interest Canadians may be interested in knowing before the mud slinging campaigns flood the airwaves.
Start Date: October 19, 2014
End Date: N/A