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How much do you need to survive?

Let the debates begin!

The issue with determining a universal Living Wage per metropolitan area is that the definition of necessities defer from individual to individual. Traditional analysts would determine the base hourly wage necessary for an individual to avoid Indentured Servitude; unfortunately, such a wage does not account for unforeseen expenses.

At Student Destinations we are continuously working on apps that are user-friendly for individuals to use within the privacy of their home. The topic of finances usually causes more arguments to agreements, that is why we feel it is necessary to offer solutions that incorporate real figures and variables that applies to any individual.

The media doesn’t give enough coverage on the Living Wage, which is why we hope to make #LivingWage trending during financial literacy month in November. We are planning on producing material for the general public to raise awareness. Furthermore, by establishing a database with a Living Wages across Canada we believe we can assist Canadians mitigate the use of consumer credit.

By knowing your purchasing power you are able to make better financial decisions. We believe in transparency, all figures used in our publications and apps will be available for the public to review.


Goal: Upload a current database of Living Wages from various cities/regions across Canada. All figures will be available for the public to view.
Delivery Date: Spring 2015